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Jo Barrett is a graphic visual artist who has taken the modern day use of technology

to create stunning and dramatic visual artworks!

Her love of horses is apparent in her work, and taking the element of spirit and

freedom, she transcends her artistic flair to screen, using bold colours to bring her

vision to life!

She doesn’t however, want to be labelled as an artist who only depicts horses… she

took herself back to her childhood drawings of fashion design with Pop Art, and self

is as it suggests… an interpretation of herself.

Barrett interprets the demonic and angelic nature of the human psyche through her expressive and vibrant depiction of horses.

Her interest in Jungian philosophy allows her to understand that we travel through light and dark, energy moving back and forth and to experience one we must experience the other.  This is shown in some of her work.

Horses are often mirrors of our own souls, the horse will behave how we behave.

Horses in her art were the obvious choice to depict the light and dark elements of life.


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